> Notes on the Modified British System of coordinates used on the European Theatre of Operations during the WWII
> Links, bibliographical references   (version française)


Notes on the geographical systems of coordinates :

Coordinate Systems Overview
Grids and Datums (historical notes on the map projections used other the world)

Conversions between coordinate systems :
Coordinate conversions and transformations including formulas

Other coordinate systems used during the WWII :
The Luftwaffe Map Reference System ('Gradnetzmeldeverfahren')

Digital atlases :
Mapquest (Anglais)

Newsgroups :
Ordnance Survey maps Group
Aéroforums (French)

Bibliographical references :
Manual of map reading, photo reading and field sketching, The War Office, 1940
Manual of map reading, photo reading and field sketching - part 1, map reading, The War Office, 1955

Thanks :

The author wishes to thank Mr Joël Blanc for his contribution to the reflexion and to some aspects of the documentation relating to the system of coordinates described here.



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